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pixel awards

Inspiring creativity In Digital Out-Of-Home
Entries are now closed

Entries Closed

About pixel awards

What are the Pixel awards

The Pixel Awards are an annual competition designed to inspire and celebrate dynamic & interactive creativity in digital out-of-home. We ask industry creatives to develop an innovative campaign for their existing clients using LUMO Digital Outdoor's suite of technology and high profile sites.

Why we established the awards

The Pixels were invented to inspire and educate agencies and brands about the dynamic and interactive capabilities digital out-of-home has to offer. We want to get creatives excited, to get their imaginations flowing and help them apply some of these ideas and concepts into potential campaigns.

The awards will help demonstrate the rapid evolution of the outdoor advertising medium. We aim to motivate creative thinkers to apply their ideas for their chosen clients and help us all showcase the creative opportunities digital OOH has to offer.


grand prize

The winning team will have the honour of seeing their campaign come to life with the winning client being awarded $40,000 worth of media across the LUMO digital network.

The creative team wins $5,000 cash and get to keep the stunning Pixel Trophy designed and created by New Zealand artist Simon Lewis Wards.

prizes to win

- $40,000 media across LUMO's digital Network
- $5,000 cash prize
- Pixel Trophy

judging criteria

how to submit


NZ based
Submissions Need to adhere to ASA guidelines
campaign needs to be able to run live in market


Sam Stuchbury
Motion Sickness | Executive Creative Director
Kate Lill
Pitchblack Partners | Creative Partner
Lee Lowndes
Daylight Creative | Managing Director
Tom Johnson
Special Group | Creative Director

previous winners

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