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The Pixel Awards

Entries Open 24th September 2019


LUMO is excited to launch The Pixel Awards, designed to inspire and celebrate dynamic & interactive creativity for the digital out-of-home sector. It will help demonstrate the recent and rapid evolution of the outdoor advertising medium, driven primarily by significant investment in digital screen infrastructure and related technologies.
We hope to educate and motivate creative thinkers to apply their ideas for chosen and willing clients and help us all showcase the creative opportunities digital OOH has to offer.

It will be fun but competitive so we will be putting up a fantastic grand prize. You can enter as an individual or as a team. You will be invited to demonstrate ideas that engage consumers on LUMO’s network of premium digital screens. Work that leverages public spaces to communicate contextually relevant messages and immerse consumers in an amazing brand experience. Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be centred around the core idea, the creative execution and best use of the technology. 

The inaugural winning Pixel Award entry will receive a travel package for two to SXSW worth $15,000 and free media time on LUMO’s network worth $30,000. The travel package will include  return flights and airport transfers for two to Austin, TX, USA, tickets for two to SXSW 2020, accommodation and $500 each spending money. 

The Pixel entries will be judged by renowned and respected creative luminaries who rally to promote creativity and judge the best work. They will look for ideas with a single-minded proposition, design and clever thinking that best utilises LUMO’s media technology.


How To Create a Dynamic Campaign


Below are some simple examples of how you can utilise the LUMO smart technology to create a more contextually relevant and impactful advertising campaign.

There is huge potential and endless options when developing your DOOH campaign concept - if you have any questions or queries please give us a call.


Use mother nature

Most of our screens are in Auckland and we know how the weather can be here. Use the weather to your advantage by changing your content through an openweather API. This will automatically change a widget or switch between a set of creatives relevant to each weather condition. Imagine advertising a Fiji holiday everytime it rains along with a widget of the current temperature and weekly forecast.


Automatic feeds

Stay relevant and use third-parties to change your creative immediately. Use news outlets like NZ Herald to always be at the forefront of breaking news, live results, and other relevant updates. Any type of public information is able to be adjusted as an RSS feed to be read by our CMS. Use your clients website to pull information or work with us to set-up your own portal to create changes in-house on a branded template.


Keep imagery fresh

A background image doesn’t have to be the same photo for a month. Use tools like dropbox or a server to host your images and rotate fresh content. Why not scrape photos from a social media campaign and post the best pics up on a billboard. This gives context to the campaign and an example of the best entries. You could even pull live photos from an event or fan zone photo booth at a sports game.


Keep it simple

The best ideas are usually the most simple, especially with the limited time you have to capture your audience in OOH. Simple content includes the use of day-parting with creative set to be played at key moments of the day like a dinner special for the 5pm traffic. You could use multiple creatives to rotate throughout the campaign and show different features of a client’s product/service. Another method is using a fade animation as LUMO has 16-second ad slots we can display two creatives with an 8-second split to engage with the audience.


Don't let us limit you

If you have an idea that is out of the box, share it with us! We believe ideas should not be limited to a medium and will use our systems to custom fit each idea big or small.

Email to share your idea and he can let you know how best to achieve your desired outcome. Remember no idea is a bad idea.


How to Enter

Start by registering your interest, see the link below.

Then just think of a client brand opportunity, think of a digital out-of-home solution, share it with the client and assuming they agree to enter, then get on with it and prepare your entry!

You may want to team up with someone within your agency. That’s absolutely fine and encouraged.

The client can be a commercial or charity brand, it doesn’t matter...all you need to start is the brand and an idea.


Pick your client


Select a client you would like to work with, get in touch, give them a heads-up on what you’d like to do and seek their buy-in. It costs nothing to enter but if you win, the campaign will run pretty much as you’ve entered it and it will need to run within three months from winning. So you will need your client’s approval to run the campaign prior to entering.

Create your concept


Use your imagination to develop an idea for your client brand that best uses LUMO’s large format digital billboards and the medium’s dynamic and interactive capabilities. But when designing the actual billboard artwork, don’t forget the fundamentals - minimal words, big fonts, high quality imagery, strong brand identity and contrasting colours, just to list the basics.

Pick your technology


Design your concept around the smart technology we have on offer and check out the Inspiration page. If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us directly - throughout the entry period.

Submit your entry


Bring your concept to life for the judges by submitting accompanying visuals. We will accept anything from a PDF sketch through to completed artwork files and you can use the Photoshop templates below. You will have 38 days to enter from the time we officially kick-off the inaugural competition on September 24th, 2019. Entry deadline will be 12noon on the 31st October, 2019. You will be able to enter online by using the Entry Form, and be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.


Location Templates

To help you visualise your concept we've put together a pack of Photoshop files (with smart objects) and a collect of footage (with easily "key-able" green screens) for several of our locations. If you need any help using these files or need anything else - please get in touch.



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